(Ages 3-4) 45 minutes

Pre Ballet/Creative Movement

Children are introduced to basic ballet techniques as well as a variety of other dance styles, such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, tap and cultural dance. The goal of the class is to help children find movement.

(Ages 5-16) 60 minutes


Our classical ballet class introduces children at the primary level to graceful, flowing movements with an emphasis on proper posture and turn-out and how to tell a story through their movement. As they advance they will learn more feet and arm movements. Classes will include a barre/floor barre warm-up, centre practice as well as across the floor.

(Ages 5-16) 60 minutes


Children at the primary level will learn basic tap steps and techniques, with a strong emphasis on rhythm and syncopation. As they advance in levels more technique will be learned and applied into challenging routines.

(Age 5-16) 60 minutes


Children will explore and learn modern and classical techniques and learn various styles from street jazz to jazz funk to more traditional styles such as “ragtime“.

(Age 5-16) 60 minutes


Children will explore dance through this popular culture featuring a wide range of styles set to popular hip-hop music for kids.

(Age 10-16) 60 minutes


This class offers participants to engage in a variety of dance improvisational styles and techniques. Participants will learn strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance techniques such as contract and release, floor work and fall and recovery.

(Age 8-16) 60 mins

Musical Theatre

The beginner and intermediate levels of this course introduce participants to singing, dancing and acting. Children will learn a popular musical to perform at the end of year show.

Registration is now open for 2017-2018 Dance Year. Classes run from Oct 2017-May 2018 with our end of year recital in June.

Please click the link below to register.


Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement

Girls: Black bodysuit (tank or tee), black leggings/tights, pink/black ballet slipper
Boys: Black or white t-shirt, black leggings or track pants, black ballet shoes


Girls: Black bodysuit (tank, or tee), pink tights, pink/black ballet shoes
Boys: Black or white t-shirt, black leggings, black ballet shoes


Girls: Black bodysuit (tank or tee), Black tights/leggings, black jazz shoes
Boys: Black t-shirt, black leggings or black track pants, black jazz shoes


Girls: Black bodysuit (tank or tee), Black tights/leggings, black tap shoes
Boys: Black t-shirt, black leggings or black track pants, black tap shoes


T-shirt or long sleeve shirt any color, track pants or leggings and running shoes


Girls: Black bodysuit (tank or tee), Black tights/leggings/shorts, barefoot/socks
Boys: Black t-shirt, black leggings or black track pants, barefoot/socks

Important Dates/Closures/Holidays

See the full year calendar as a pdf here.

Oct 8: No classes (Thanksgiving)

Dec 24: No classes (Winter Break)

Dec 31: No classes (Winter Break)

Feb 18: No classes (Family Day)

Mar 13-17: No classes (March Break)

Mon June 4: Dress Rehearsal for Recital

Wed June 6: Recital

Age Categories

3 – 4 years

5 – 6 years

7 – 8 years

9 – 11 years

12+ years

14+ years


Please note that if your child is of a certain age but demonstrates a more advanced level for the specified age category they will be moved up to a higher class. This will be determined by your child’s teacher in the Fall.

* All classes that do not meet the minimum enrolment requirements are subject to cancellation