Voluntary Contribution

We know that our Tapshoes & Tutus community is made up of families in different financial positions.  To help us succeed this year, we ask that you make your voluntary contribution to Tapshoes & Tutus of $50 per family.  If you can afford a greater contribution, please consider a larger donation, such as $50 per class if your child takes more than one class, or $50 per child if you have more than one child at Tapshoes, or $100, $150, $200 or more. For every family that donates more than $50, we balance out those families that are unable to pay, and will be closer to reaching our fundraising goal.


(you will be linked to our PayPal contributions page where we accept credit cards or a donation from your PayPal account)

Help build and strengthen Tap Shoes and Tutus 30 year history as a cooperatively run community dance school!