Tapshoes and Tutus is a non-profit, co-operative dance school operating in the Masaryk Cowan Community Centre and the Sorauren Park Fieldhouse. Tapshoes offers instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop by Qualified Teachers. As a co-operatively run program, relying on the parents of students to perform certain duties, our fees are considerably lower than other dance schools. As a result, we are able to offer affordable dance instruction for children.

Anyone is welcome to join the dance company. Our typical catchment area is Parkdale/High Park.


Tapshoes aims to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all of it’s dancers, parents and teachers. By building community through dance in a non-competitive environment, we hope to inspire children’s creativity.

Fees are kept low to keep programs as accessible as possible.

Building community through dance

Non-competitive environment

Fun classes to foster children’s creativity